We will only recommend you Life Insurance if you really need it!

If there is nobody depending on you financially you probably don’t need life insurance, unless you have special circumstances.

First You need to decide what is the purpose of the Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

  • With shorter duration (1-30 years) and bigger coverage (usually $100.000 - $1.000.000) 

  • These policies are the lowest price Life Insurance available. 

Whole Life Insurance

Coverage lasts beyond the applicants 100's birthday.

You can purchase a lower priced Whole Life Insurance which coverage is used to pay for final expenses most of the time.

You can also purchase a Whole life policy with the option to receive interest and build up future income or TAX free Retirement.

GUL - Universal Life

Whole life insurance alternative, where there is any need for permanent death benefits, but little or no need for cash surrender values, then a current assumption UL or GUL may be an appropriate alternative, with potentially lower net premiums.

IUL - Indexed Universal Life

The total amount of cash value is credited with interest based on increases in an equity index (but it is NOT directly invested in the stock market). Some policies allow the policyholder to select multiple indexes. IULs usually offer a guaranteed minimum fixed interest rate and a choice of indexes.