Are you searching medicare for a loved one?

Medicare can be confusing to anybody. Thousands of medicare products are available in the USA. 

Your loved one may have the best plan available but the chances are there will be gaps in the coverage they were not aware of. 

Those gaps can cost them and maybe you, thousands and quite often tens of thousands of dollars.

Many medicare products are offered in most states (but not all).

Drug plans can be included or excluded.

Medicare plans can be offered based on states, counties, even zip codes.

Networks...HMO's, PPO's, PFFS's, etc (or maybe no networks at all).

Will the plan cover skilled nursing? Will medicaid take over? Will you have to cover the expenses?

Some plans will be accepted by your doctor of choice, or maybe not.

Will your loved one stay in state or travel the country?

Dental, vision, hearing covered in a plan or not?

The question is simple! 

Do I know for sure my loved one chosen the best possible coverage. 

If your answer is no, maybe it is time to ask a medicare specialist  to evaluate the plans and help you prepare for the unexpected.  

No pushy sales, no sales tactics. Honest professional opinion, research based answers and empathy waits for you by us.

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